1. Keto cheeseburger with peameal bacon.

  2. Quite possibly the most Italian ingredients for an omelette I’ve ever made.

  3. Good. Morning.

  4. Pancetta, green onions, avocado omelette incoming. Very happy the Bidwell Market is back!

  5. This week. Hot wings and faux taters, bacon/sausage/cheese lazy scramble, and the masterpiece: almond encrusted cod with lime jicama slaw.

  6. Cheesy 3 egg scramble with avocado and heaps of hickory smoked bacon (cooked via bacon method!)

  7. Cheesy 3 egg scramble with avocado.

  8. Ribeye and blue cheese.

  9. More cheesy pepper scramble. And hot sauce.

  10. Taco salad from last night with Brussel sprouts. Forgot to put salt/pepper in while steaming but hot sauce fixes everything.